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at your location.

Ibiza Mac help comes to your house to fix Apple problems. Think about speeding up your Mac, eliminate 'iPhone storage full' message or improving your wifi-connection inside and outside your house.


Professional support provided by friendly people with years of technical Apple-experience.


We explain what we do and try to let you understand your Mac, iPad or iPhone better.

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For direct help with your Apple products, email [email protected] or call 0031.20.7827.777.

Personal, friendly and well-informed

Your support guy that you can contact anytime. Anywhere.

The support guy who understands you. Speaks understandable language and is always on your side. We at Ibiza Mac help have years of Apple-experience and we use our knowledge the right way.

A nice contact to keep.

iCloud issues, Mail problems of having a slow Mac? Imagine that you have a contact in your phone that you can call or text anytime or anywhere to ask all your Apple related questions. We provide you the technical support that you deserve. We are that contact that you want to keep.

Ibiza mac help connected

Direct wifi upgrade that will meet your requirements.

There is nothing more frustrating than bad wifi. Quite often the device of your local internetprovider is not sufficient to cover your entire area. Lets fix this problems forever.

Let us help you.

If you have any question about your Apple-products we are ready to help.